How To Sell Christian Songs

How To Sell Christian Songs

How To Sell Christian Songs

How To Sell Christian Songs : If you’ve written a faith based song and want to make money from it, here’s how to sell Christian songs!

The income stream from Christian songs includes radio airplay on Christian stations, CD selling and music sales through, music websites and iTunes, CD sales at live events, blogging and, and live performances. It can also include income from your song’s use in Christian movies, cable television, church music, and religious educational videos.

First, decide if you want a music publisher to handle your song. If you want songwriters to sell your songs on your behalf, check with them to see if they will allow you to submit your songs for synching. Sometimes songwriters sell their songs on behalf of other writers. If you have a good relationship with a song publisher, they may let you submit your music without a fee. Remember, you should never pay the publishing fee upfront!

Synching your songs with your musical style and vocal presentation is a great way to generate income. Would you rather have someone else do your illustrations or do all the artwork and marketing for you? Most authors earn money either by selling their picture books, or by having a publisher assign the rights to their songs to others for their own use. The author receives the money that has not already been earned by others.

Congruency and Relevance

Think of the concept of the “music business model” when you are writing a Christian song. You should write the song beginning with what you want to say, then build around it. If you want to say, “I have been a Christian all my life,” write and illustrate that with pictures. Why not go with the idea of having a theme in your music?

Think of the “idea deal” in the music business. The idea is to get paid to do the job you love.

If you love God, write songs praising God. If you know God intimately, write about it. Keep it simple. Keep it relevant. Keep it short. Focus your words on the subject of your worship. Make it memorable. Make it the best it can be.

constructing your song around a central idea

You’ve heard the phrase, “A good song is a good song.” That might not be perfect, but it represents the start of doing just that – making music.

Beginning with that phrase, what do you want to accomplish with your song. We are aspiring to have a song, a piece of music that a lot of people will want to listen to over and over again. Do you have a climax in mind? Use that as a starting point.

Many times, the obvious is the best choice. It tends to come to you most easily. If you are at the point where you need to have something more compact, you have probably already written that adequate piece of music. On the other hand, sometimes you will have a more difficult time selecting a piece because you want one of the best songs ever written – you are struggling for a masterpiece.

How to write your climax

stores and piano keyboards are filled with the type of sounds that many people automatically equate to climax. Here are some suggestions to help you write that type of song.

1. After the other song elements are complete, think about a powerful, emotional moment. It could be a transition part, a chorus, the ending of the piece, or anywhere you want. Try to build a climax in that spot.

2. Think about the contrast between the beginning and the chorus. Try to find contrast in the melodies, in the vocal harmonies, and especially in the chord progressions.

3. Think about the instrumental sections. Think about the tempo and the effect the instruments have on the effect the song will have.

4. Last, but not least, think about the way your song will end. Is there a bridge? Is there an epilogue?

When you have done with all of the above, you have a very good idea of what you want to achieve when you write a piece of Christian contemporary song.

Have fun writing!

The Rocket Piano Scheme

The internet is a revolutionary tool! Itoves information technology to a whole new level. In a period of 8 years the internet has grown beyond all its competitors and revolutionized the music industry. How did this happen so quickly just few years ago. Since music centers around personal technology such as MP3 players and iPods the internet is at the center of this technology. Every music lover, whenever he tries to find a source of learning, uses the internet.

The best part of this technological advancement is that people can learn how to play any instrument anywhere in the world, as long as they have their computer with them. The internet proves to be the best source of information about all kinds of music, the latest trends, and the musicalious techniques available every moment. Granted, you can’t master an instrument overnight, but the Rocket Piano Scheme gives you the opportunity to learn the piano in the comfortable atmosphere of your home, thus you can improve your skills quickly and confidently.

What is the Rocket Piano Scheme?

Indeed, this is a step-by-step guide on how you can squeeze your last few percent from your piano skills and be qualified as a certified piano player.

This scheme comprises of 7 steps, which will help youQualify your playing and improve your skills. Each of these steps has a preamble, a glossary, and a roadmap that will help you navigate your way through these wonderful skills. How To Sell Christian Songs

Step 1: Learn to Read Music

Before you learn to read music, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of notes, staffs, and Treble Clef. If you don’t know these terms, then educate yourself before moving on as a student of the piano.

Step 2: Read and Understand Notes and rests

You need to familiarize yourself with notes and rests before you learn to play the piano. Each note has a specific purpose, such as a whole note, a half note, and a quarter note. Depending on what the piece you’re playing requires, you can play other types of notes, as well. For example, in many West Indian compositions, you may find one black key that is paired with four white keys. This means that you’ll need to know the regular order of notes, and where the quarter notes figure in. Will be important to know if you’re entering some sort of fake book.

Step 3: Can you play the piano?

There are two answers to this. In this case, your answer is yes, and no. Your answer is correct if you can pick out the notes and chords played by the professionals on the spot. Your answer is also correct if you are learning to play from a particular fake book, or your mother is teaching you. You may see notes of the same size but different spellings. This is a natural consequence of reading music using areciative vocabulary.

If you want to learn to play pop and popular songs, you should be listening to recordings and Handle and Know by Paul McCartney. You will know if you can play this song if you follow these guidelines.

Step 4: Moving to Chords and better still,stars and progressions

Its a good tip to learn the chords of the piano, and the more so, the voicings and proper movement of the hands. Take as much time as you need in this area and with your teacher’s guidance, practice a lot of minutes daily with your piano. Eventually, these skills will come to you naturally, but if you don’t have the patience then this cant be learned.

You will know you got the hang of it when you can play complex pieces without stopping, and when you find that you are no longer struggling to play simple pieces, you will feel so much more at home.

That is the best time to learn to play the piano. When you are a beginner, the piano can be awkward and difficult, but this should not stop you from achieving your goal. Practice and perseverance will help you reach your goal and you will reach your platinum status shortly after. How To Sell Christian Songs