The Perimeter Project

The Chemistry of Lime Trees
Performer: Kathryn Harris Banks Photographer: Rachel Pearl


Worship/Home, a continuation of the company’s evening length performances exploring immigration and human migration, asks what does it mean to create a new home, how much do you take with you and how much must you leave behind? Performed in-the-round, the work includes unique audience engagement through spontaneous solos for individual audience members, live video broadcast and the company’s signature athletic movement style.

The Chemistry of Lime Trees

The Chemistry of Lime Trees explores the impact of real or perceived borders in our lives through two factual, historical stories. Part One is a story from the Ellis Island archives about a young Russian woman abandoned on her way into America by her fiance. Part Two, drawn from the Bosnian War, focuses on Bosko and Admira, a real-life Romeo and Juliet, and how their struggle against societal, religious and political borders eventually lead to their deaths. Through the realism of theater and the physicality of dance, The Chemistry of Lime Trees combines athletic movement, live singing, text and provocative images to create a work both lush and stark, straightforward and layered, and concrete and abstract. The Chemistry of Lime Trees is created in collaboration by choreographers/dancers Daniel Burkholder, Kathryn Harris Banks, Stephanie Yazek and Stefanie Quinones Bass, composer/singer Susan Oetgen and composer Jonathan Matis.

The Perimeter Project - a 2-year series of performances and workshops exploring how we traverse the limits, real or perceived, of borders and boundaries in our lives. Performances will examine a range of subjects, from the personal ramifications of societal borders, to finding common ground between movement and nature, to challenging traditional boundaries between performers and audience. The Perimeter Project will consist of formal performances, informal gatherings, workshops and discussions. Activities will take place in theaters, along scenic nature trails, on sidewalks, studios, and many unexpected locations. The range of activities will be unprecedented in the company’s history. The core performance works of The Perimeter Project are described below. See the repertory sections for other works to be performed.

Acts of Arriving is a 8-hour, outdoor, traveling, multi-site performance exploring the questions “Where am I from?” and “Where am I now?”. The third part of The Perimeter Project, this work investigatea leaving one’s home for another because of personal, political, economic, religious or societal reasons. The performance will consist of five 30-minute sections performed at specific sites across the Metro DC region with performers walking from one site to the next. Movement and text for each section will be developed through research about individual performance sites, workshops held in the community engaging local residents, and additional research about immigration. In addition, we will record interviews with specific individuals, groups, and families about their immigration experience and present them throughout the five sections on iPads (or similar devices) each performer will carry with them. Act of Arriving will premiere in Fall 2014.

Acts of Arriving

Performers: Kathryn Harris Banks, Stefanie Quinones Bass, Keira Hart Mendoza & Carrie Monger Photo by C. Speed

Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround