Performers: Keira Hart Mendoza & Stephanie Yezek Photography: Ted Jamieson

invisible (The Perimeter Project)

invisible is a dance you’ll never see. Exploring issues around presence, definitions of performance and place, invisible will take place in unannounced locations throughout the Metro DC Region. Performers will use a set of predetermined instructions to respond to the public in the space at the time of the performance through gestural, pedestrian and subtle movements - these actions will remain unnoticed by the public. If a dance performance takes place but nobody notices, is it still a dance performance? With invisible, we will try to answer this question.


Art can be big. Art can be small. Primary/Scale explores these extremes through three large scale 45-minute sections placing the performers in three distinct and overwhelming environments. The sections include: Red,  performed with 2,500 red bricks; Green, with 1500 square feet of sod; and, Blue, performed in a fountain with 300 glass bowls. Over the 45 minutes the performers move, construct, destroy and manipulate their bodies, each other and the props to create an ever shifting landscape. Leaving, at the end of the work, a sculpture, structure, evidence and artifacts of the performance. In addition to these large scale sections, Primary/Scale consists of a 60-second dance film which will be shown to the public, one or two at a time, on iPods by performers roving throughout the day. Originally commissioned by the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, this work can be adapted to various performance settings.

Recent upcoming works created and peformed by The PlayGround.

Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround delves deeply into meditative practices, the subconscious and intense physicality to explore movement sometimes subtle and spacious and other times charged and dynamic. Performed in the round, this work directly engages the audience through its proximity, visceralness and surprising engagements. 

Ad Libitum 2.0

Ad Libitum
Performers: Daniel Burkholder & Carrie Monger Photo by Rachel Pearl

My ocean is never blue explores our multi-faceted relationship to water – from the personal, to the ecological, societal and political. Ocean reflects the complexities of water by layering choreographed phrases, improvisational movement, live music, text and video to create a collage-type work. The work was created through an array of influences, including: the impending water shortage, irrigation, the molecular structure of water, tsunamis, baptism, the tidal zone and the Japanese Tea Ceremony, among others. Staying with the fluid nature of the work there is not, nor ever will be, a final version of Ocean. Preparing for each performance we add, subtract, edit, rearrange and reconfigure the different sections to create a performance that, like water, is never the same twice. Live music by Jonathan Matis.

My ocean is never blue

My ocean is never blue
Performers: Daniel Burkholder & Lotta Lundgren Photo by Ed Wilhelm
Performers: unknown Photographer: unknown (it it's you, please contact the company)

Scenic Route (The Perimeter Project)

Scenic Route
Performers: Kathryn Harris Banks Photographer: Joan Mathis

Scenic Route is a 3-hour hike/performance along some of Metro D.C.'s most beautiful hikes. Gathering at a "secrete" location, the company leads 15 (lucky!) audience members on a hike while stopping at various locations to perform site-specific performances. Contrasting approaches to dancing in nature, sometimes the company blends in with the environment and, at other times, stands out in juxtaposition. A beautiful way to spend a morning. Snacks provided. 

"remarkably cohesive...punctuated by many small surprises...a stunning display of ensemble work."

- The Washington Post

Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround