Performers: Sharon Mansur w/Daniel Burkholder Photography: Zachery Handler

Brian Harris

Brian Harris is a multi-disciplinary artist working in mixed media visual art, photography, video, music composition and performance, performance art, and dance. .

Sharon Mansur

Sharon is a Washington, DC area based experimental multi-media dance artist with longtime interests in improvisation, somatics, and the subtle energetic aspects of dance embodiment in relation to the environment. Sharon is currently an Assistant Professor of dance at the University of Maryland, and is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst.

Artists who I have collaborated, performed, or just plain think are awesome! 

Jonathan Matis has been composing and performing many types of music professionally since 1993.  Jonathan leads the DC Improvisers Collective, a free jazz ensemble, and the Low End String Quartet.

Jonathan Matis

Susan Oetgen is a multidisciplinary performing artist whose work combines text, music, movement, video and visual art in solo and collaborative performance projects that explore how stories define our identity.

Susan Oetgen

Susan Oetgen
Photography: Z. Mangold
Brian Harris
Photography: Lisa Stokes

Chad Speed

Chad Speed is a sound artist based in the DMV. He is a founding member of People With Shoulders.   website

Performer: Chad Speed Photographer: unknown
Jonathan Matis
Photographer: Travis Miller

Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround